We breed our rabbits to show, and aim to improve with every litter, always aspiring to the breed standard. Sometimes we let rabbits go to other exhibitors or to pet homes. We do everything we can to ensure that any rabbits that leave us don’t end up in rescue centres.

All rabbits leave with comprehensive care guide, safe foods list, changeover food, their pedigree and transfer form (if rung for show) and a lifetime of advice and support. We encourage people to keep in touch and are always happy to answer questions.
Our rabbits are well bred and well handled. We ask lots of questions, encourage potential owners to do their research, and we never rush in to a sale. We have a returns policy (we know people’s circumstances change).

All of our rabbits are vaccinated against RVHD.

We hope this is why we have over 1800 Facebook likes and why we have such a good reputation.




Our babies are 10 weeks old when ready for their new homes.  They are vaccinated at 4 weeks old and again at 10 weeks old before they leave us, to protect them against RVHD.

Contact us to find out what we have available or ask to be added to our waiting list.


£80 Buck / £100 Doe

When we retire older rabbits, we have them neutered and re-vaccinated before they go to their new pet home.  We charge only for their neutering operation and do not charge anything for the rabbit itself.

Due to their good breeding and handling, these older rabbits make wonderful pets, and often leave us to become companions for a lonely rabbit who may have lost their mate.